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A nation once literally in ruins, beset by heavy unemployment and inflation, has expanded its output and assets, stabilized its costs and currency, and created new jobs and new industries at a rate unmatched in the Western world.

South-Eastern Europe. Sub-Saharan Africa. Central America. Monetary and Financial Sector. Precious Metals. Region Reports. Country Reports. Annual Subscriptions. Sample Report 5 years of economic forecasts for more than 30 economic indicators. The banking system is troubled, a crisis is looming. The banking sector is overstaffed and weighed down by an excessive number of branches: as of Decemberbanks [33] employedprofessionals across 30, branches. Decades of stagnation led to an accumulation of non-performing loans NPLs in the balance sheets of most banks.

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To avoid capital reductions, banks did not write off the NPLs, but restructured them through maturity extensions, weakening their asset quality. As a result, most banks could not extend new credit to the myriad of SMEs [34] that produce Between July and December credit was constrained [35] : new lending to SMEs fell by almost As credit restrictions depressed growth, a slower economic activity brought about new NPLs. A banking crisis is brewing [38] and government-intervention looks inevitable.

Unemployment is above pre-crisis levels, poverty and inequality are up.

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At the end ofunemployment declined to Youth unemployment is above 35 percent, and long-term unemployment at about 60 percent of total unemployment. Skilled young Italians are increasingly emigrating abroad, hampering potential growth. The incidence of absolute poverty increased to 6. Income inequality has also increased and is above the OECD average. Over the next few years, Italy will be exposed to adverse shocks. Stagnating growth and structural legacies — such as low productivity, high public debt, and bank balance-sheet-weakness —will make the economy vulnerable to: a volatility in global financial markets and a sudden increase of sovereign bond yields [40] ; b an export slowdown due to a deceleration of world trade and currency wars; c the rise of populism [41]spurred by anti-establishment feelings, protest vote, and xenophobia — fed in turn by the migrant crisis and security threats; d a banking crisis triggered by trading economics germany current account with assets of poor quality and low profitability even under favorable assumptions [42] ; and e cumbersome policy-making resulting in chronic delays of structural reforms. Going forward, Italy should not bet on external growth-drivers. Over the next five yearsmega-trends will not support an acceleration of global growth. Consumption, investment and productivity will remain sluggish, inflation low.

Macro fundamentals are weak: high debt and unemployment will constrain performance. DMs will stagnate and EMs will struggle. Flat real incomes and rising inequality are major political risks. Across the globe, instability, populism and authoritarianism will rise. Political tensions, financial instability, lower oil prices, deflation and competitive devaluations are major economic risks.

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Fiscal and monetary policy will not support demand and investment. The over-reliance on central banks CBs will continue, leading to further financial repression. Liquidity-driven markets will fuel asset inflation and remain jittery. Inevitably, the rising disconnect between fundamentals and valuations will bring about a bear market, if not a crash [43]. Reforms need to spur internal growth-drivers. To enhance the competitiveness of its economy, Italy needs to enact comprehensive structural reforms.

By purchasing power parity PPPItaly is the 12th largest economy in the world.

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Yet, according to the last national agricultural census, there were 1. The automobile, naval, industrial, appliance and fashion design is also a point of strength. Furthermore, household debt in at 62 percent of gross disposable income is below EZ average 95 percent. A nation once literally in ruins, beset by heavy unemployment and inflation, has expanded its output and assets, stabilized its costs and currency, and created new jobs and new industries at a rate unmatched in the Western world. In West Germany, during the Wirtschaftswunder Economic Miraclegross national product GDP grew at about 9 percent per year and industrial production doubled from to Yet, this uplifting story has downsides. For one, getting rid of trade deficit could have upshots on inflation rates, and even a flight to the dollar. Patrick Artus of Natixis has elaborated on the idea often floated of eliminating US non-energy trade deficit trading economics germany current account means of taxation imports does not make sense. Besides the inflationary effects that will arise from customs duties, shrinking imports from foreign producers generates negative spillovers in US domestic investment. A serious question arises over what factors are likely to cause the US to rebalance the global economy, especially for those countries that most rely on the US dollar. A reduction in the supply of dollars and a stronger dollar value, which are legitimate outcomes of national policymakers, are set to trigger a credit crunch and increase expenses for developing dollar-dependent economies with trade currencies and foreign reserves denominated in US dollars.

Emerging economies, which are still the most dollar-dependent, are set to take the brunt, as they are mostly required to pay for trade transactions in US dollars.

Second estimate reveals that economy swung back to expansion in Q1

The above question is not negligible, given that emerging and developing economies dependent on the dollar make up more than half of global GDP, a liquidity crisis could not only hit emerging and developing economies. If market sentiment for some reason should sour, we see resistance on the upside at And when Norges Bank sees that the economy is about to normalize, the central bank could easily signal sooner rate hikes. This should prove additional support for NOK down the road, as most other central banks are nowhere near even thinking about hiking rates. Beyond here would see a move back to 0. It provides some relief for the euro after a bad start to the year. According to recent reports, he has received positive signals from both former government forces and the opposition during exploratory talks. Strong downward momentum suggests USD is likely to weaken further towards 6. Resistance is at 6. On the upside, a break of 6. This neutralises the FX impact and trading economics germany current account consistent with our view that rate differentials will play a much smaller role for the AUD than in recent years. Individual monetary policy actions are dwarfed by bigger global drivers. They also said that at 4, points holders of long positions on the index could be tempted trading economics germany current account take profit, potentially holding back the market in the short term. Banks extended a record CNY 3. Economists had forecast the lending to rise to CNY 3.

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The broad money supply M2 climbed 9. January's net new credit figures are usually the highest of the year, so this high level does not signify much, Sheana Yue and Mark Williams, economists at Capital Economics, said.

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The pace of its decline, especially since the start trading economics germany current account November, was close to the fastest on record. And speculative positioning against the dollar is near record levels. This suggests the scope for it to fall further in the near-term is limited. To the extent that this divergence continues, it could help the dollar rally further.

And expectations about the relative pace of monetary policy normalisation in the US and the rest of the world might shift in favour of the dollar. The currencies of economies where yields have kept pace with those in the US have not lost much ground against the dollar. But the yen and the euro have suffered, as bond yields there have not risen much. Of course, this pattern may not last. But if US yields continue to edge up and those in Europe and Japan lag, that would challenge our forecast that the euro and the yen will appreciate against the dollar this year. According to the report from Istat, in December the seasonally adjusted industrial production index decreased by 0.

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The change of the average of the last three months with respect to the previous three months was The index measures the monthly evolution of the volume of industrial production excluding construction. The calendar adjusted industrial production index decreased by 2. The unadjusted industrial production index increased by 1.

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Still, the situation could change quickly if the government opts for more restrictions to contain the virus. According to statistics agency Insee, such a lockdown could cause the economy to contract again in the first quarter. FXStreet reports that economists at ANZ Bank think the latest bout of euro weakness is corrective as positive drivers for the euro will resurface as the business cycle improves. The slow rollout of the vaccine program across the European Union is also weighing on sentiment. The slow start to vaccinations will correct as serum production improves. The net effect will be to push recovery in aggregate demand into late spring and summer rather than Q1. Whilst that delay to the anticipated rebound is frustrating, positive cyclical developments will re-emerge to support the euro as progresses.

Sales reached 2.

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